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 How to Become a Member:
To join or find out more information about the Beirut-IX
please email us at:


  Beirut-IX Membership Eligibility

    - Must have an ASN
    - Must have a BGP-speaking router
    - Must keep current contact information up-to-date with Management
      and Operations Committee
    - Must subscribe to members and announcement email lists
    - Must abide by the applicable laws of Lebanon

  Technical Requirements & Policy Document

    - Any entity wishing to peer at the IXP is responsible for:
           Locating its own router adjacent to the layer 2 switch of the IXP
           Securing a link to the IXP location and landing it on that router
           Operating that router
    - Entities who peer at the IXP
           Sign a policy document


    - Each pay for its own expenses no shared expenses
    - Every IXP member is responsible to pay for:

           1 router located at the IXP premises
           High speed data transfer between the POP and the IXP premises
           Rent at the IXP premises (space for a rack) the rent is prorated by
           the landlord to account for electricity and other services provided
           to the IXP premises by the landlord

  - Click here to download policy document